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Integrative Education strives to bring you innovative, pediatric continuing education opportunities that create a foundation for clinical reasoning and allow therapists to build upon their knowledge base.

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2023 IE Symposium Schedule

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Tuesday, February 7th from 11:30am - 12:30pm CDT

Kathy Flaminio will be teaching movemindfull Breaks for YOU

On-Demand Course Highlight!

On-Demand Natural Postural Engagement for Pediatrics
Irene Ingram

Irene Ingram, OTR/L

Originally Recorded on April 16th, 2021 

CEUs: 3 Contact Hours

Recording available for 30 days following your purchase

Cost: $89

Course Description

This course will provide a valuable set of tools for every therapist’s toolbox to jumpstart systems and engage the child’s natural ability to organize through the vestibular system.


Natural Postural Engagement (NPE) assists the child in accessing his original system of organization.  It uses many techniques to organize the child for body awareness, sensory processing, symmetry, midline, range of motion, rhythm, core righting, use of limbs and oral motor efficiency.  It specifically treats above and below the hyoid in relationship to the integration of the sublingual floor, infra hyoid muscles, with the function of the lips, jaw, and tongue.


The NPE program rapidly changes the neurological function of the child when techniques are effectively carried out. It is excellent for home programing due to the simplicity and playful attributes.

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