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IE Affiliate On-Demands
Affiliate On-Demand courses are high quality pre-recorded courses that Integrative Education endorses and partners with instructors to promote access to their information.  Affiliate organizations are responsible for registration, providing access to the course, ongoing support regarding the course content and issuing certificates of completion.  For questions regarding affiliate courses, contact the course affiliate listed with the course
Brain and Sensory Foundations - First Level
Sonia Story.jpg

Sonia Story

CEUs: 16 Contact Hours (1.6 AOTA CEUs)

Cost: $495

Course Description

The Online Brain and Sensory Foundations course offers multimedia instruction for assessing and remediating innate  developmental, rhythmic, and primitive and postural reflex movements that are retained or underdeveloped. Innate and integrative movements are combined to promote brain and sensory-motor function and the foundation for improved learning, speech, emotional-social skills, and physical balance, strength, stamina and coordination for all ages.


As a result of this class, students are prepared to recognize the presence of dysfunctional and under-developed primitive and postural reflexes. Through specific movement and reflex integration protocols, participants will be able to assist themselves and others in:

  1. Integrating reflex patterns.

  2. Releasing stress and anxiety.

  3. Building neuro-sensory-motor foundational skills that lead to improved physical, emotional and cognitive functioning.

  4. Attaining meaningful goals with greater ease.

  5. Using reflex integration protocols and rhythmic movements to decrease muscle tension and pain.

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