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Beyond the Seen and Behind the Scenes of Behaviors: Understanding the Needs of Neurodivergents An Interview with an Autistic OT
Kim Clairy

Kim Clairy and Dr. Kelly Mahler, Lunch & Learn

September 15th, 2021, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm CT

CEUs: 1 contact hour 

Course Level 
OT, PT, SLP, educators, mental health professionals, and interested others. 
Course Description

All too often, the needs of neurodivergents are significantly misunderstood resulting in areas that either go un-addressed or sometimes even worse are addressed from the wrong perspective (e.g., a behavioral approach). As an autistic OT, Kim will provide a fresh view on a few of these common areas including sensory experiences, self-understanding, communication and social participation. Expand the way you understand the challenges your clients may have in one or more of these areas; this knowledge in turn will empower you to provide more meaningful and targeted supports (and dare we say—serve as the most effective, kindest ‘behavior support’ available).

So, who are we?:    

We are Kim Clairy and Kelly Mahler, two nature loving OTs who became fast friends after meeting at a conference 3 years ago. We love collaborating and have joined together for many different opportunities including writing materials for large grant projects, co-speaking at international conferences and doing co-interviews for podcasts. If you ever eavesdrop on our private discussions, you would quickly find that there is almost never a quiet moment. We share so much passion for the work we do together, and our ideas are endless. Now, only if we could find more time in the day to execute all of these ideas!

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify two challenges that neurodivergents face which often are unaddressed or addressed from the wrong perspective.

  2. Recognize at least one way to support neurodivergent individuals' success.


40 Minutes - Kelly interviews Kim about her lived experience and trauma as a result of the sensory world - the focus will be on the outward behavioral manifestations; importance of seeing past the surface behaviors and understanding the deep why’s; empowering OTs to step up as a ‘behaviorist’ so to speak

20 Minutes - Question and Answer 

Course Requirements

Following the passing score of 80% on the post-course quiz, the participant will be sent a course completion certificate.

Continuing Education

1 Contact Hour awarded if course requirements are met. For additional continuing education information for OT, PT, SLP, and social work, click  here to access our CEU policy information.

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