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Now COMPLIMENTARY!! The Lunch & Learn series is a 1-hour live webinar over the lunch hour from 11:30 pm - 12:30 pm CT with a recording you can enjoy at no cost.  Registration is required to access and you will be added to our email list after signing-up.

Lunch & Learns set the foundation for further learning and exploration, allowing therapists to be introduced to new areas of practice or expand their knowledge by understanding the latest research and recommendations related to topics. 

Reflections on Holistic Clinical Reasoning
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Kim Barthel, BMR, OTR & Shelley Mannell, PT, BSc, BHSc

June 10th, 11:30am CDT - 12:30pm CDT

CEUs: 1 Contact Hour

Recording available approximately 1 week after the event for 30 days of viewing

Cost: FREE!

Course Description

Holistic Clinical Reasoning is an 8 hour pre- recorded series by Kim Barthel, OT and Shelley Mannell, PT created in collaboration with Integrative Education. The series describes and demonstrates the process by which clinicians can explore the many layers that contribute to the capacities and challenges experienced by our clients. Sensory processing, postural control, attachment, motor control, emotional regulation and cognition can all play a part.

In this one-hour Reflections on Holistic Clinical Reasoning session, Kim and Shelley will discuss the clues that may point to both strengths and challenges in each of these areas as well as the many interconnections between systems. As a team, they will demonstrate holistic clinical reasoning in practice as they analyze a short video clip of a client and highlight observations that illuminate possibilities for both assessment and treatment.

A Little About MORE
Eileen Richter
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Eileen Richter, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA, and Patricia Oetter, MA, OTR/L, FAOTA

CEUs: 1 Contact Hour

Available on-demand for 30 days of viewing after sign-up

Cost: FREE!

Course Description

MORE (Motor, Respiration, and Eyes or vision) is an acronym for a model emphasizing the integration of the Suck/Swallow/Breathe (SSB) mechanisms with the rest of body functions. The SSB has been organized, practiced and refined throughout the last trimester of fetal development.  It then refines after birth and becomes a muscle synergy. In this short webinar, an introduction to the mechanics, structures, and functions of the SSB will be explored and related to Oral Motor control, Respiratory control, Postural control, Gross and Fine Motor control and Postural Development. Assessment and treatment planning that can impact many areas of function from infancy to geriatrics will be briefly explored in this course.