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IE Book Club

We're starting a new book club!  Excited to bring our community together to dive into the book, What Happened to You? Conversations of Trauma, Resilience, and Healing, by Dr. Bruce Perry & Oprah Winfrey.  Grab your own copy of the book where you like to buy books.  Come to the Zoom event ready to chat with others to deepen your understanding of the information, connect with like minded colleagues, and have fun learning together! 

Thanks for joining!

Who can join?

Anyone can join!  You can be an OT, PT, SLP, mental health professional, psychologist, social worker, educator, or interested person - any professional that wants to join the fun.

When is the 1st meeting? 

We'll meet on Zoom, on Wednesday, August 11th, from 7 pm CST - 8:30 pm CST (8 pm EST to 9:30 pm EST) for large or small group discussions, depending on the group size.  

How do I get the Zoom link to join?

Enter your name and email above to receive the Zoom link to join us! If you'd like to send any discussion questions you'd like the group to ponder, click here to email us!


Questions? Click here to email us!

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