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Natural Postural Engagement for Pediatrics

Irene Ingram, OTR/L, Live Webinar, On-Demand

April 16th, 2021, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm CT

CEUs: 3 contact hours

Recording access approximately 1 week after the event, viewing available for 2 weeks after release

Cost: $90

Course Description

This course will provide a valuable set of tools for every therapist’s toolbox to jumpstart systems and engage the child’s natural ability to organize through the vestibular system.


Natural Postural Engagement (NPE) assists the child in accessing his original system of organization.  It uses many techniques to organize the child for body awareness, sensory processing, symmetry, midline, range of motion, rhythm, core righting, use of limbs and oral motor efficiency.  It specifically treats above and below the hyoid in relationship to the integration of the sublingual floor, infra hyoid muscles, with the function of the lips, jaw, and tongue.


The NPE program rapidly changes the neurological function of the child when techniques are effectively carried out. It is excellent for home programing due to the simplicity and playful attributes.

Avanti Pre-Camp Conference 2021: The Spirit of Engagement

Patricia Oetter, Irene Ingram and Kim Barthel

Thursday June 17th, 2021, 8:45 am - 4:30 pm CT

CEUs: 6.25 contact hours (.625 AOTA CEUs)

Recording access approximately 1 week after the event, viewing available for 2 weeks after release

Cost: $195 early bird registration ends May 15th, regular price, $215

All Proceeds Benefit Camp Avanti!

*Group discount for $10 off per course for groups of 5 or more  

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Course Description

The day’s program will focus on empowering and equipping therapists with reflection, healing, enlightening, knowledge, and creativity as all 3 speakers provide their expertise and gifting engagement. Breakout rooms will be embedded into the course to allow for small group reflections along with a panel discussion of experienced occupational therapy practitioners to contribute to the discussion of each topic presented.

Equipping as a Healing Practitioner: Irene Ingram
Practitioners evolve with repertoires of skills that lead them to their individual gifting. Setting goals for oneself such as “I want to be able to engage in amazing ways”, is the necessary catalyst for acquisition of greater gifting in an area. Understanding the relationship of self with the spirit of healing, the power of imagination and vision, and limiting or empowering beliefs will be explored during this portion of the course.

Relationship as a Healing Force: Kim Barthel
Present and connected relationships are a powerful healing force. They are an intrinsic modulator, a co-regulator of arousal states, and a motivator for all kinds of positive change. With secure relationship at the core of any intervention or frame of reference, there is much reason for hope. It is my belief that therapeutic relationship skills can be cultivated; they can be taught, and they can be learned. What is attunement? How do we learn to connect to ourselves so we can better connect with others? How do we harness the advantages of understanding non-verbal communication? These are some of the questions that will be explored during this portion of the course are intended to deepen our compassionate self-inquiry – towards supporting our relationships whether they are in clinical settings or far beyond.


Developmental Expression of Engagement: Patricia Oetter
This last section of our conference will focus on the development of connection and engagement from womb to school age. It will be done in the context of my Extended Matrix Model which was somewhat based on the work of Joseph Chilton Pearce. His work considered social emotional development in the developmental stages of Womb, Mother, Kid Power and Brain Power. The Extended Matrix Model Considers these stages from the perspectives of Task, Environment, and Interaction. It will also integrate
the interdependent concepts of co-regulation and regulatory functions with the development of engagement and connection skills.

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