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Navigating CE Courses & Finding the Best Fit


May 18, 2023, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM


About the Event

As therapists, we are required to complete continuing education (CE) courses to maintain our licensure. It can be overwhelming to know what to take next, navigate the plethora of options and determine what might be the best fit for your next learning experience. Join our Integrative Education (IE) team of occupational therapists each with over 20 years of experience to discuss how to navigate what’s next for you. We’ll share two useful tools with you to help on your journey - IE Factors that Influence CE Decision-Making handout and the Integrative Pediatric Practice Chart. The IE Factors that Influence CE Decision-Making handout will help you to understand your license requirements for both state & NBCOT, identify the difference between AOTA-approved courses and those not approved by AOTA, which course level is right for you (introductory vs intermediate), and how to identify experts to learn from. The Integrative Pediatric Practice Chart is a guide for pediatric occupational therapy practitioners to identify gaps in knowledge and what topic areas they may want to explore next. Our IE team panel discussion will highlight the upcoming on-demand learning opportunities and where these might fit into your learning journey along with ample time for questions and answers.


  • Navigating CE Courses




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