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Kim Barthel

Originally Recorded on November 10th, 2020 

CEUs: 3 Contact Hours (.3 AOTA CEUs)

Course Level 
OT, PT, and interested others
Course Description
With the rising demand due to COVID-19, an increase in the accessibility and quality of telehealth services has transformed our ways of connecting, learning and supporting clients. Many parents of children with special needs share that their online therapy sessions reach into their homes and translate therapeutic concepts directly into their daily lives. For many of us as therapists, this is what we have always hoped our therapy would achieve: to generalize the skills learned in therapy to support families every day. Telehealth is not intended to replace our valued hands-on, face-to-face assessments and interventions, but it can be and is becoming a valued adjunct. Because therapy in a virtual platform will be part of a hybrid strategy forevermore, now is the time to hone and optimize our online therapy skills.

Session 1:

Coaching Caregivers to Support Basic Motor Skills

This session will provide:

  • A practical video demonstration of Kim coaching a caregiver through hands-on-therapy techniques for the development of motor skills in a home setting

  • An introduction to completing a virtual motor skill assessment

  • An exploration of clinical reasoning in support of posture and movement challenges

  • Ideas to support basic caregivers’ handling capacity without being with clients in-person

Session 2:

Supporting Individuals with Challenging Behavior

This session will provide:

  • A demonstration of ways to virtually coach caregivers who are experiencing their child as having challenging behavior

  • Clinical reasoning of what “challenging behavior” is communicating

  • Options for effective intervention via distance

  • Ways to support a caregiver to increase their own attunement and co-regulation skills

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the basics of co-regulation in relationship using a virtual platform

  2. Implement clinical observations of postural alignment, base of support and center of mass via distance

  3. Distinguish how to support parents in creating simple handling techniques for the enhancement of daily living functions

  4. Identify multiple factors contributing to challenging behavior using a virtual platform

  5. Develop a basic repertoire of recommendations for support of challenging behavior in a virtual platform

  6. Describe how to coach caregivers online in attunement and co-regulation of their child



Session 1:

30 minutes - Videotape movement analysis

30 minutes - Movement assessment

30 minutes - Coaching caregivers

Session 2:

30 minutes - Videotape coaching demonstration

30 minutes - Clinical reasoning analysis

30 minutes - Coaching caregivers in attunement and co-regulation

Instructional Methods

The speaker will be using a lecture with slides, case studies, and large group discussion/question-answer recorded from the live webinar.

Course Requirements

Following the passing score of 80% on the post-course quiz, the participant will be sent a course completion certificate.


Continuing Education 

AOTA-Approved Provider Program.jpg


3 Contact Hour (.3 AOTA CEUs) awarded if course requirements are met. Integrative Education is an AOTA Approved Provider, number 11607, for Distance Learning - Interactive, Distance Learning - Independent Self-Study, and Blended/Hybrid courses that include both interactive and independent study aspects.  Course approval number: 01370. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA. For additional continuing education information for PT, SLP, and social work, click  here to access our CEU policy. 

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