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Partner Courses

Partner Courses are available through affiliate organizations that we know, love and trust. The course is run by the partner organization listed under each course. The registration link will take you to the partner organization's website and the course will be run through that organization.

Please note: Relationship Matters is a Canadian based company; prices on our site list both the Canadian price in CAD and US price in USD while prices listed on the Relationship Matters site are only listed in CAD.

On-Demand Holistic Clinical Reasoning
Kim Barthel, BMR, OTR.jpeg
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Kim Barthel & Shelley Mannell

Organization: Relationship Matters

CEUs: 8 Contact Hours

Recordings Available for 365 days from purchase date

Cost: $339 CAD / $249.39 USD

Course Description

There are so many layers that can contribute to the difficulties our children experience. Sensory processing, postural control, attachment, motor control, emotional regulation and cognition; all of these factors can play a part. When looking at the big picture, what are the clues that lead us to effective assessment and treatment?

Join Kim Barthel, OTR and Shelley Mannell, PT for a unique series of live online learning. Participants will be invited to submit a video of a client for analysis and with the ones that are selected, participants will have the opportunity to clinically reason together with the instructors. Video analysis will allow the group to collectively view (and review) the diverse needs of the children observed. What do we notice that is working for the child functionally? What points towards an area of challenge? How might clinicians know which lens to use when watching a child interact with their environment?


Shelley and Kim have worked and taught together for over 25 years. Their interaction around supporting children is a partnership, a working conversation that serves as a model for considering multiple factors in assessment and treatment. The highlight is their collaboration, deepening the understanding around how all these factors can come together in forming a cohesive plan for any
individual child.

Sleep Matters - From Science to Strategy
Kim Barthel, BMR, OTR.jpeg

Kim Barthel

Organization: Relationship Matters

CEUs: 10 contact hours

Recordings Available for 365 days

Cost: $419 CAD / $307.28 USD

Course Description

By appreciating the science of sleep, we can begin to problem-solve relevant strategies and adaptations in support of sleep dysregulation across the lifespan. While this course was originally designed for occupational therapists asking for help in supporting their clients, it is now being made available for anyone who is interested in making the most of how we spend 1/3 of our life.


Eating & Feeding Matters: From Science to Strategies
Kim Barthel, BMR, OTR.jpeg

Kim Barthel

Organization: Relationship Matters

CEUs: 13 contact hours

Recordings Available for 365 days

Cost: $449 CAD / $329.21 USD

Course Description

Eating and feeding are fundamental functions necessary for surviving and thriving. Many clients with neurodiversity and mental health issues experience profound disturbances in their participation in eating and feeding. Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Behavioural Therapists and Nutritionists are team members who evaluate and enhance these functions, but sometimes struggle in seeing the integrated whole of the various complex factors contributing to the clients’ experiences. 


This 12.75 hour online workshop is a cutting-edged compilation of research on the science of eating and feeding from a neurobiological/physiological perspective as it pertains to picky eating, eating disorders (ARFID, anorexia nervosa, bulimia), sensory issues, oral motor/pharyngeal issues and attachment. Trans-disciplinary research, assessment and intervention strategies will be presented and discussed. 11.25 hours of edited, pre-recorded training (available for 120 days upon enrolment) will be complemented by a live interactive online 90 minute Q&A led by Kim and co-facilitated by the Relationship Matters Team  (the recording of which is available for 120 days once it is available).

Brain and Sensory Foundations - First Level
Sonia Story.jpg

Sonia Story

Organization: Move, Play, Thrive

CEUs: 16 Contact Hours (1.6 AOTA CEUs)

Cost: $495

Course Description

The Online Brain and Sensory Foundations course offers multimedia instruction for assessing and remediating innate  developmental, rhythmic, and primitive and postural reflex movements that are retained or underdeveloped. Innate and integrative movements are combined to promote brain and sensory-motor function and the foundation for improved learning, speech, emotional-social skills, and physical balance, strength, stamina and coordination for all ages.


As a result of this class, students are prepared to recognize the presence of dysfunctional and under-developed primitive and postural reflexes. Through specific movement and reflex integration protocols, participants will be able to assist themselves and others in:

  1. Integrating reflex patterns.

  2. Releasing stress and anxiety.

  3. Building neuro-sensory-motor foundational skills that lead to improved physical, emotional and cognitive functioning.

  4. Attaining meaningful goals with greater ease.

  5. Using reflex integration protocols and rhythmic movements to decrease muscle tension and pain.

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